Late Sessions at Pedro Arrupe

Hope you guys enjoy it! It's me singing a few songs. (The ones on top are the most recent. You can see how much shorter my hair is now compared to when I recorded the first video haha)

In this one, I'm singing "Simple, Starving to be Safe" by Daphne Loves Derby.Instrumental by some user on YouTube hahaha.

This one's "Don't Speak" by No Doubt.

This ones "To Make You Feel My Love" by Bob Dylan

And this last one is "Ain't No Sunshine" by Bill Withers

Let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions for what to do next!

Spring Break and Random Thoughts for the Day

I vowed to make this Spring Break awesome for me. My freshman year, I went home and did nothing. Sophomore year, I stayed at USF and did nothing. This year, I had to stay because I needed to work, but it actually turned out to be my best spring break. Highlights (and lowlights):


TUESDAY: 9 hour shift (3am-noon). Worst shift in the history of the world. BUT...birthday dinner for one of my best friends and a mini-reunion with high school friends. Slightly awkward at first but it felt like old times by the end of the night

WEDNESDAY: SIB came to visit! His name's Chip...from UCSC. He's my Bigs' little from UCSC ( have one too but she went home to LA) and a bunch of us hung out. Probably the most spontaneous day I've had in awhile. Original plans: Academy of Sciences and party. What actually happened: Drive and hike to Stinson Beach, drive to San Jose and have dinner at Smoke Eaters/Cluck U with Mu Zeta, Gamma Beta, and OZ...and being too tired to party haha. Best day in awhile!

The WIND family over at Cluck U's (along with John from MZ haha)

The Sibs (Me, Chip, and Tim) and our Bigs (Eivette)! Yeah....we're a little strange

THURSDAY: Back to work....but went to Popscene for the first. Probably the best time I've had clubbing in college.

FRIDAY: Finally had a chill day. From this day on...just studied and got ready to go back to school.

Random thoughts:

I fell asleep for about an hour at work...

I arrive 30 minutes late to my only class...yet I don't miss anything. Awesome.

Ok...I officially sat in the most awkward lecture I've ever experienced. Didn't need to know why hyenas masturbate in comparison to why humans do.

I wish I was there more for my littles, Cristina. If only I had a car and if Santa Cruz was just a little bit closer :/.

Monday was probably the worst day I had in awhile....but I'm glad these last two days have made up for it since.

I've learned that not having a laptop is difficult, but manageable

My top 3 from AI this week (in order): Kris Allen, Allison Iraheta, Danny Gokey. I'm probably in the minority here...but I think Kris can win this thing. Adam Lambert is too much for me.

Songs on Repeat:
Kelly Clarkson - Save You
Sara Bareilles - Gravity
Day 26 - Got Me Going

I Love You, Man: Definitely the funniest movie I've seen in awhile.

'Til next time,