100 Books in 335 Days

So...I really want to read more books...and I got a good start. Today, I bought two books (one's a graphic novel)...Watchmen and Revolutionary Road. When I told one of my friends...she said she was doing the 100 Time List..reading every book on that list by the end of the year. While it may be a goal that I might not be able to accomplish with school, work, and all....I do want to attempt it. Also...if I've read the book in the past, I'll cross it off. If I have time, I'll read them again! So...I'm starting with these two books (which are on the list) and going from there. I put the Time List at the bottom right. Books I've read are in green while the ones I'm currently reading. Who knows...by 2010 I may have read 100 new books.

The List:

The F Word

Living in San Francisco, when you go downtown, I expect to see a few homeless people...people that don't have it as a good as I do, and people that have rough times. I try to give whatever change I have, but if I don't, I do my best to not make eye contact and go about my business. It may sound heartless or that I don't care, but I'd rather look at the person and be able to give something back and not make them feel disappointed since I didn't have anything. But today...as I was heading for the bus, some guy was holding a sign. I'm used to the unlawful sex sign, the "Jesus Christ Loves You" sign. But this guy was intentionally trying to get people's attention. Not where some of the homeless people just sit there, and occasionally someone one will ask for change. No, he goes up to people or stands in a position where people see him at his side, and instead of a sign like mentioned above, his sign says "F*** YOU". First time I saw it...I just couldn't believe it. Who does that? Really? And it's not as if this guy has it bad. He's dressed fine...and he smiles every time someone looks at it. WTF. Man...I've never seen anything like that. I'm sure that whenever people do pass the less fortunate people or don't give them a second or time (which I'm guilty of), they probably say "f*** you" in their heads once in a while. But this guy? Seriously? He enjoys pissing people off. I understand that people are can be a**holes from time to time...but this was downtown by the Westfield mall. Not only to adults, but to the kids and teenagers that were around. I didn't know what to think. But it's the only thing on my mind the entire bus ride home. Why would someone do that? Was he really that angry? Or just that eager to piss off everyone in sight? Who knows.

Journey to Ivalice

I don't know what it is about RPGs, or videogames in general...that makes me love them so. Since I started college I haven't had much time for videogames, which is a good thing mostly haha. Don't have any of the new systems, and I usually just play my DS at work or when I have downtime. Well...this is my first time being back in the city for work...so I have a lot of downtime since a lot of people aren't back. I dusted off my PS2 and decided to buy Final Fantasy XII. When it first came out I was skeptical..it didn't interest me. But I had nothing to do at work so I popped it in and played for a good three hours....and now I'm hooked hahaha. Hopefully I can finish this by the time break is over....

Games to play next:
Final Fantasy XII
Final Fantasy IV
Chrono Trigger
Xenosaga II and III

Heals the Eardrum

Decided to recommend some more songs.

"By Your Side" by Sade
Love this song. It was my cousin's song for her first dance with her husband...and I haven't been able to stop listening to it. The love that the narrator of this song sings about...that devotion...I hope to find that in someone some day.

"Makes Me Wonder (Just Blaze Remix) by Maroon 5
This song is still my favorite Maroon 5 song...and I never expected it to ever sound like this. Just reminds me of how complex music can be and how much you can accomplish with it if you have that creativity and patience.

"(Another Song) All Over Again) by Justin Timberlake
I always like the stuff he puts out that is different from what ends up going out into the radio as a single. I digg the lyrics...the easiness of the song, and he's an artist that, while yes, he used to be in a boy band, and yes, he's not the best singer in the world, he's an artist. It's amazing to me that a guy who can put out a song like "SexyBack" is capable of delivering a song completely opposite song.

"No Other Love" by John Legend feat. Estelle
This song just hooks you from beginning to end. And having Estelle on featured and backup vocals was a nice touch. Gotta listen to it. One of my favorite...if not favorite track from him.

"Sad Eyes" by Josh Rouse
I'm sure this song hasn't been heard by many people. Not gonna lie...I first heard this song on Grey's Anatomy haha. But I like how it's kinda different...but still makes you feel good. Also..the album that it's on, "Nashville", is one of the better reviewed albums from 2005. Worth checking out. And by the way...the only video I could find with this song is a video montage to Derek and Addison from Grey's haha.

"Hollywood" by Jay-Z feat. Beyonce
Gotta throw a hip-hop track in here somewhere haha. The song is sick...and I like what Jay-Z talks about. Plus the production is really good on this track. Don't like many rappers, but he's definitely one I can keep listening to.

Hope you enjoy the songs. Let me know what you think! 'Til next time...



I fear bridges.
I fear driving.
I fear planes.
I fear flying.
I fear death.
I fear wasting my breath.
I fear the future
But I fear dwelling in the past.
I fear failing,
But I fear peaking too early.
I have fears, this is true.
I have fears, but you do too.
I have fears that I may never overcome,
but hopefully I can conquer one.
I have fears…but who doesn’t?
I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t have at least one.

Love 'em Apples

I usually don't go to expos, conferences...stuff like that. But when the opportunity came to go to the MacWorld expo for $5...I couldn't pass it up.

Never seen so many Mac enthusiasts like I did this past week. Now, I'm not as hardcore as most of these people...I just got a MacBook a few months ago. And I'm not using this post to bash PCs or whatnot...but it's amazing to see the new things different developers and companies are making for Apple products. From seeing new Macbook skins to the new iLife suite....it was so overwhelming that it took me two days to take everything in. Thankfully there was this cool lounge spot in one part of the exhibit that lets people rest for a little bit.

Yeah....tried playing with that new Rubiks Cube Revolution...couldn't figure it out. Hahah

And...being a Macworld Expo...Apple had huge displays up.

Yep....theyre making the MacBook Pro 17''.

The big screen they used to show off new stuff....and how to use certain apps like Google Earth. So big....kinda overwhelming actually

I'm always diggin' Apple's ads for their products. First the nanchromatic ad...and now this one. Hella catches your attention. Plus....it was really big.

Forgot I took a picture of this....so nice hahaha

Don't know what this had to do with Apple products...but it was nice to look at haha.

Hope you enjoy the pictures! Til next post....peace. -Ray

Blood's Thicker than Water

Getting caught up with school, work, and everything that comes in between...I sometimes forget how good it is to be around family. Foolish...I know...but it took one weekend and my cousin's wedding to remind me that if I ever need anything...family's there.

My cousin is finally married!

Looks like my cousin Arthur is trying to give me advice under the influence. Ahh well...I was too so I listened haha. Known him for almost 15 years...no matter how much time passes without seeing each other, it's always chill. Known him longer than most people. Thinking about...don't think I'd make it through family parties if he wasn't there hahaha

Been through times that I thought I couldn't turn to family....but I was all wrong about that. I think it took being away for almost 10 months to realize that I'm at most peace when I'm at home. Yeah...they can get on your nerves and sometimes be your worst critic...but I love for that anyway. Gotta love the family, always.


FLORIDA GATORS = BCS CHAMPIONS. Gotta represent the home state (Yeah...born in Florida if you didn't know haha)

Late Nights at Pedro

If you don't know already, I work at a residence hall at the front desk that's open 24/7. I'm usually stuck with the graveyard shifts, so there's not much to do when no one's around. That's when I decided to record a few videos of me singing using just my laptop haha. They're all kinda rough, but I hope you enjoy them. They're all a'capella.

I Hope You Dance by Lee Ann Womack

This one's kinda short...
In My Life by the Beatles

Fearless on My Radio

I've been listening to two albums heavily during winter break. They've been "Fearless" by Jazmine Sullivan and "Onmyradio" by Musiq Soulchild. Thought I'd recommend a song from each.

FEARLESS....this album is dope. Fresh voice...good sound...it's sick. If you haven't listened to it, you should. Here's "Fear".

Onmyradio...I like this album a lot. It's going back to his past sound. I liked Luvanmusiq a lot too...but I didn't think it was as good as his old material and it was becoming more commercial, so I'm glad this album's starting to sound like his old material. Here's "Ifuleave" featuring Mary J. Blige

Hope you all enjoy it. Peace.

Intro to Something New

Sitting down...I realize that I'm always saying that I'm bored during break...or have nothing to do. So I figure that this maybe something I need...a way to let anyone that reads this what I think on certain things or any random s**t I decided to put down here. Those that know me also know that I'm down to listen to whatever kinda music...so probably most of my posts will be reviewing music or giving music suggestions...I don't know...we'll see haha. Hope you enjoy what I put down though. That's it for now. Until next post...