AI Top 11

After watching tonight, I'm convinced this is the best group AI has put together in a long time. Aside from maybe 2 or 3 singers...anyone can pretty much win it at this point.

Top 3:
1. Matt Giraud: "So Small"
2. Anoop Desai: "Always on My Mind"
3. Kris Allen: "To Make You Feel My Love"

Man, Matt killed it again for me. I know everyone loves Gokey...but I think Matt can win it if he keeps it up. I'm also pulling for Allison...I think she's the best girl left.

1. Matt Sarver: "Ain't Goin' Down 'til the Sun Comes Up"
2. Scott McIntyre: "Wild Angels"
3. Alex Grace: "Jolene"

Who I think will go home? Matt Sarver (PLEASE!)
Who do I think will win? Gokey or Adam Lambert at this point still
Who do I want to win? Matt Giraud of Allison Iraheta


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