Blood's Thicker than Water

Getting caught up with school, work, and everything that comes in between...I sometimes forget how good it is to be around family. Foolish...I know...but it took one weekend and my cousin's wedding to remind me that if I ever need's there.

My cousin is finally married!

Looks like my cousin Arthur is trying to give me advice under the influence. Ahh well...I was too so I listened haha. Known him for almost 15 matter how much time passes without seeing each other, it's always chill. Known him longer than most people. Thinking about...don't think I'd make it through family parties if he wasn't there hahaha

Been through times that I thought I couldn't turn to family....but I was all wrong about that. I think it took being away for almost 10 months to realize that I'm at most peace when I'm at home. Yeah...they can get on your nerves and sometimes be your worst critic...but I love for that anyway. Gotta love the family, always.


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