Love 'em Apples

I usually don't go to expos, conferences...stuff like that. But when the opportunity came to go to the MacWorld expo for $5...I couldn't pass it up.

Never seen so many Mac enthusiasts like I did this past week. Now, I'm not as hardcore as most of these people...I just got a MacBook a few months ago. And I'm not using this post to bash PCs or whatnot...but it's amazing to see the new things different developers and companies are making for Apple products. From seeing new Macbook skins to the new iLife was so overwhelming that it took me two days to take everything in. Thankfully there was this cool lounge spot in one part of the exhibit that lets people rest for a little bit.

Yeah....tried playing with that new Rubiks Cube Revolution...couldn't figure it out. Hahah

And...being a Macworld Expo...Apple had huge displays up.

Yep....theyre making the MacBook Pro 17''.

The big screen they used to show off new stuff....and how to use certain apps like Google Earth. So big....kinda overwhelming actually

I'm always diggin' Apple's ads for their products. First the nanchromatic ad...and now this one. Hella catches your attention. was really big.

Forgot I took a picture of nice hahaha

Don't know what this had to do with Apple products...but it was nice to look at haha.

Hope you enjoy the pictures! Til next post....peace. -Ray


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