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Hey guys,

I know it's been a really long time, but I've been introduced to such good music lately that I feel I should share what's been on repeat on my iPod and you guys can get a sense of what I listen to:

Raphael Saadiq - "The Way I See It"

So I've known that he's been around for awhile, without being in the spotlight too much. I listened to him a little bit when he created Lucy Pearl, but never got into his solo music until this album. This album has a really old-school vibe to it, and I really enjoy it. Tracks I recommend are "Let's Take a Walk", "100-Yard Dash", "Never Gonna Give You Up", and "Hope You Mean It".

Maxwell - BLACKsummers'night

Another artist I didn't start listening until just recently. His last album came out 8 years ago, and it's safe to say that I really didn't relate to it much and at that age I didn't really appreciate the production of music or soul music for that matter. That's definitely changed. This album is so good, I'm still in shock. The production and instrumentation on each track and the way Maxwell delivers his music is so strong and passionate, you can tell why he's still popular even after disappearing for almost a decade. Modern soul music doesn't get as good as this, and I'm glad he's provided this album for people to hear. Tracks I recommend: "Pretty Wings", "Bad Habits", "Love You", and "Fistful of Tears". But really, the whole album is great.


Then there's a few songs here and there that have caught my ear:

Jason Mraz - "If It Kills Me" (Casa Nova Session)
This song is something I can relate to. It's about a guy who wants to cross that line of friendship with a girl who seems to be his best friend, but he feels he may not be bold enough to do it because of what may happen. I really like the stripped down version of this song, and I feel it's one of his strongest songs. Check it out.

If It Kills Me (From The Casa Nova Sessions) - Jason Mraz

John Mayer - "Split Screen Sadness"
For some reason, I didn't really listen to John Mayer's music when it came out, so it took me a while to get around to his 2nd album, "Heavier Things". I was really missing out, especially because of this song. It's about two people in a relationship that's taken the energy out of both of them and they both don't know what went wrong. I think it's bold when he says " "All You Need is Love" is a lie". In a way, he's calling out the Beatles for giving some false line in a song since his relationship isn't working. Production's great, lyrics are great. If you haven't heard this song yet, I definitely recommend it.

Split Screen Sadness - John Mayer

I think that's it. If you want, let me know what you think of the music I've listed and give some recommendations. I'm always down to listen to new music. Until next time.



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