Random Vent

So I've been going through a personal struggle this last week and I'm kind of freaking out. Something happened between me and my old roommate, and let's just say I'm homeless now because he's someone that cannot be trusted. So I have a month left at my current job which thankfully provides me housing, but after the month is over, I currently have nowhere to live. Who does that? Seriously? If he had issues with me, he should've confronted me about the face-to-face ahead of time instead of sending me a message on facebook AFTER going behind my back. But, all this complaining and contempt for him won't solve my issue of finding a new home.

It's a difficult task finding a place to live, but I'm glad I have friends who offer encouraging words and even a few who have offered a couch for a little bit. And a few who said they'd beat my roommate's ass if they could (though I'd advise them not to because frankly, he's kind of big).

I learned the hard way that I shouldn't think highly of everyone I meet or be optimistic about everyone. I'm usually an easy going guy, and it really hurt that someone would go behind my back like that and not even man up to it. I'm sure I'll find a place, with people I know I can actually trust this time. I'm not going to let this happen to me again, because the stress, pain, and anger is not worth my time or anyone else's.



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