The F Word

Living in San Francisco, when you go downtown, I expect to see a few homeless people...people that don't have it as a good as I do, and people that have rough times. I try to give whatever change I have, but if I don't, I do my best to not make eye contact and go about my business. It may sound heartless or that I don't care, but I'd rather look at the person and be able to give something back and not make them feel disappointed since I didn't have anything. But I was heading for the bus, some guy was holding a sign. I'm used to the unlawful sex sign, the "Jesus Christ Loves You" sign. But this guy was intentionally trying to get people's attention. Not where some of the homeless people just sit there, and occasionally someone one will ask for change. No, he goes up to people or stands in a position where people see him at his side, and instead of a sign like mentioned above, his sign says "F*** YOU". First time I saw it...I just couldn't believe it. Who does that? Really? And it's not as if this guy has it bad. He's dressed fine...and he smiles every time someone looks at it. WTF. Man...I've never seen anything like that. I'm sure that whenever people do pass the less fortunate people or don't give them a second or time (which I'm guilty of), they probably say "f*** you" in their heads once in a while. But this guy? Seriously? He enjoys pissing people off. I understand that people are can be a**holes from time to time...but this was downtown by the Westfield mall. Not only to adults, but to the kids and teenagers that were around. I didn't know what to think. But it's the only thing on my mind the entire bus ride home. Why would someone do that? Was he really that angry? Or just that eager to piss off everyone in sight? Who knows.


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