100 Books in 335 Days

So...I really want to read more books...and I got a good start. Today, I bought two books (one's a graphic novel)...Watchmen and Revolutionary Road. When I told one of my friends...she said she was doing the 100 Time List..reading every book on that list by the end of the year. While it may be a goal that I might not be able to accomplish with school, work, and all....I do want to attempt it. Also...if I've read the book in the past, I'll cross it off. If I have time, I'll read them again! So...I'm starting with these two books (which are on the list) and going from there. I put the Time List at the bottom right. Books I've read are in green while the ones I'm currently reading. Who knows...by 2010 I may have read 100 new books.

The List:


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