Journey to Ivalice

I don't know what it is about RPGs, or videogames in general...that makes me love them so. Since I started college I haven't had much time for videogames, which is a good thing mostly haha. Don't have any of the new systems, and I usually just play my DS at work or when I have downtime. Well...this is my first time being back in the city for I have a lot of downtime since a lot of people aren't back. I dusted off my PS2 and decided to buy Final Fantasy XII. When it first came out I was didn't interest me. But I had nothing to do at work so I popped it in and played for a good three hours....and now I'm hooked hahaha. Hopefully I can finish this by the time break is over....

Games to play next:
Final Fantasy XII
Final Fantasy IV
Chrono Trigger
Xenosaga II and III


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